One year Vegan, what has changed ?


Today there is no recipe from me 🙂 It is now already 1 year ago that my boyfriend and I started to nourish ourselves vegan. I’ll tell you what has changed this year and what the benefits of vegan nutrition are.

Matching this topic I also shot a video for my YouTube channel, you can find the video here. There I tell you 10 points that have changed in a year Vegan. I am glad if you look there by and leave me a thumb up there 😙

I used to be a vegetarian for a long time, but without much ulterior motive, I just did it to try it out and because I love animals. But in the past year I have found out many more advantages of vegan nutrition. But first to the things that have changed. Right at the beginning of my change of diet I lost 10 kg, I did lot of sport and ate a lot of fresh and unprocessed food. Now I feel more comfortable in my body than ever before.

Another point is that I have learned to love vegetables and to prepare them properly. Many vegetables that I didn’t eat before, among other things tomatoes or broccoli, I love now. As a vegan you should consume many different fruits and vegetables, I have tried many and cooked a lot in recent months and discovered new recipes.

With the vegan diet you also do something for the environment, you develop a conscious lifestyle. After a while I wanted to contribute even more. I tried to reduce plastic by shopping in the plastic-less shop. Also, my boyfriend and I tried to live minimalistically, which means buying less and owning less and only what you need to live.

It’s not just „food“, it’s an attitude to life. I deal with this topic every day, I love it. I am happy to be able to live in today’s world and that I have the chance to do this nutritional white. Through Instagram and YouTube I find many more people with the same attitude as me. We are not alone, together we can achieve everything. You don’t have to become a vegan directly, but you should be aware of what you do as a consumer of animal products. Think, inform yourself and reduce the animal products on your menu. You will not regret it.

I’m glad I have my food blog and can share my vegan recipes with you. Soon I will move to Cologne. There I will work as a confectioner in a small vegan coffee. Vegan is my life 😃 I am looking forward to the time ahead and many more great moments with friends, family and my community.

I wish you a great time 😘


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